Notes from the Hodaka Days 2023 Planning Meeting -02/11/23

09 Mar 2023 2:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

General discussion:  Status for 2023

  • 1.    Budget – Better shape that 2022, but lower than pre-pandemic years
    YE 2021 = 16,300 & YE 2022 = 18,055
  • 2.    Outstanding: Taxes $1,100—(including prep fee) & $100 Charter renewal
  • 3.    Everything is going up.
  • ·                     Insurance +17%
  • ·                     Web site +15%
  • ·                     Hotel Rooms +100% (Jackalope Jamboree scheduled in Pendleton same weekend)
  • ·                     Printing +25% (Maybe do more in B & W?)

 New sponsors:

  • 1.    All Balls Racing
  • 2.    Viking Bags


Gem Status (Rob McIntyre)

  • 1.    Theater should be available by June, but probably “Bring your own chair”


Contingent of Penton Owners Group may join us (no confirmation)



  • 1.    In 2022 we did do better getting volunteers than previous years
  • 2.    Used targeted emails for specific jobs and defined numbers
  • 3.    Need to confirm volunteers and time they need to be there.  Had a lot of volunteers not show up at designated events. Maybe do a special event schedule for volunteers?



  • 1.    Going with a common theme for posters, tees, & trophies.  Probably going to feature a Dirt Squirt.
  • 2.    Shared artwork saves time, effort and money
  • 3.    Stu Gillard will coordinate again this year



  • 1.    Common theme
  • 2.    Sold all 2022 tees and prior years last year.  We currently have only four tees in stock from last year that were part of a special re-order.  Stu Osborn felt we could sell a lot more tees online before AND after Hodaka Days”. Gregg Floren suggested we could do a ‘one time’ offering from the Hodaka Club website store.


Any major rescheduling?

  • 1.    Move TT ½ to one hour later
  • 2.    Possibly start trials ½ hour sooner
  • 3.    Encourage pre-registration by charging extra to register at some events.
    NOTE:  Pre‑registration requires volunteers and doesn’t negate the need from event site registration.
  • 4.    Welcome BBQ in the park Thursday night.  Tom Barnett to donate tri-tip, beans, salad.


Food (Bob Whitman)

  • 1.    Need better signage?  Some people didn’t realize we had food in the park last year.


TT (Bruce Kron)

  • 1.    Jerry Carter has interesting new route possibility through wine country and Umapine area.  Thorn hollow bridge is still out, which makes the Umatilla river route impractical.
  • 2.    Need to make sure “sag wagon” shows up and checkpoint attendees know schedule.
  • 3.    Stu Osborn volunteered to man one of the checkpoints


Swap meet (Stu Osborn)

  • 1.    Keep campers and vendors separated
  • 2.    Need map posted?
  • 3.    Advertise swap meet on Facebook?
  • 4.    Stu Osborne will attend starting Wednesday and be available in the park to answer questions and watch for vehicles driving on the grass


Trail Ride (Nate Ewer)

  • 1.    Landowners’ status?
  • 2.    May add some new sections
  • 3.    Will have a check in at the end of the ride.  Participants receive patches at the end.
  • 4.    Special anniversary additions – investigating possibility of adding “special test section” for ISDT veterans and vintage mounted “manufactures” teams.  Gregg Floren will check with AMA for sanctioning and insurance requirements.



  • 1.    Well attended last couple of years
  • 2.    Propose multiple (people’s choice) and let members decide by online vote?


Ice Cream (Dyann Swanson)

  • 1.    Friday night at the Gem in conjunction with movie showing.  Probably show the John Penton Story.


Pancake Breakfast

  • 1.    Need to verify
  • 2.    Major fundraiser for local American Legion chapter


Trials – (Jay Lael)

  • 1.    Great last year – good feedback
  • 2.    Short observers – need specific campaign to pre sign observers


Auction (Erv Robison / Bob Whitman)

  • 2.    Check taking credit cards?
  • 3.    May do more reverse auctions at dinner to speed up event



  • 1.    Usual issue with finding volunteers.  Will try to find a volunteer parade coordinator and crew of two or three volunteers to assist with parade announcements, “send off” and barricades.
  • 2.    Foreigners in the parade – Need to watch for other brand bikes sneaking into the parade
  • 3.    Gregg to order more Chuck Swanson memorial “overalls” stickers.
  • 4.    Pre “register” (sign waivers) for parade to speed up send off.  Also combine with Bike show registration.


Bike show (Lee Fabry / Dale Dvorak)

  • 1.    Display banners around bike show
  • 2.    Should have more time this year – fewer Saturday activities
  • 3.    Change “Pre-registration” to “Registration”  - cut down on rush to register all at once.
  • 4.    Limited voting to one hour to allow time to count ballots


Banquet (Bob Whitman)

  • 1.    Hopefully back inside?
  • 2.    Prices going up
  • 3.    Same caterer
  • 4.    Checking options for two “protein” (meat) choices


MX (Thal Anderson)

  • 1.    Full face helmets and goggles required.  Will be check on the starting line.
  • 2.    Straw bales are available
  • 3.    Water truck is available
  • 4.    Need easyup(s) again
  • 5.    Have OK from Dennis at Diamond Eye to hold races again this year



  • 1.    Need to coordinate delivery of porta potties and garbage cans – Jerry Carter and Gregg Floren can probably handle this again.  Tom Barnett volunteered to help also.
  • 2.    Have detailed list of locations from Al Pedro who did these in previous years
  • 3.    Could use a couple of volunteers to swap full for empty/less full trash cans
  • 4.    Move all porta potties to the front of the park



  • 1.    Have rented a stage and have rented tents before
  • 2.    Should we investigate a custom large “easyup” for the club?  Gregg to investigate and make recommendations to the board.  Bob may have some “leads”.  Also, possible that Tommy Croft may have some connections.


Park Cleanup

  • 1.    Junk left in park
  • 2.    Need someone to monitor “cleanup and checkout”?

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