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03 Jun 2023 2:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
A few things to remember to make sure you get the most out of your time at Hodaka Days

Review this list to be sure you have everything you need to participate in your favorite events.

  • 1.   Bring your AMA card if you want to compete

Competition events (trials and MX) are for AMA members only.  You must be an AMA member if you want to participate.  Bring your AMA card with you to present at signup. 

If you’re not already an AMA member, you can join at their website  An annual membership is $49.  A single event membership is $20.

Although we will have AMA memberships available at signup, we strongly encourage participants to sign up online to avoid long waits at signup.


  • 2.   Have your AMA Event Entry Form filled out and ready to hand to the volunteer at your first recreational event

Fill out the AMA Event Entry Form and sign one liability waiver. You get the coveted gold wristband and you’re done!

If you forget, we will have Event Entry Forms available at the Hodaka Club booth, and at the poker run, trail ride, and parade staging area before each of these events

Once we have your completed AMA Event Entry Form and a signed liability waiver, we’ll give you a gold wristband. Keep the gold wrist band on and you will not be asked to complete paperwork for any of our sanctioned recreational activities again at Hodaka Days.

The Event Entry Form can be found here.

  • 3.   Renew your AMA and Club memberships ahead of time online

 If you’re going to compete in trials or MX you need to be an AMA member.  Hodaka Club members not only support Hodaka Days and the Hodaka Museum and benefit from great stories and technical information in the club newsletter, they also enjoy reduced entry fees to all the events at Hodaka Days.

 Although both AMA and Hodaka Club memberships will be available at Hodaka Days, we encourage everyone to sign up ahead of time at the AMA and Hodaka Club web sites and to save time for not only themselves, but also for our volunteers,


4.   Bring the proper equipment if you want to race MX

 AMA safety rules have changed in the last few years.  If you want to race MX (or even ride practice laps), you’ll need to have the proper equipment.  AMA requires all riders to wear a full-face helmet and face shield or goggles.  If you do not have a full-face helmet equipped with a face shield or a full-face helmet with goggles, you will not be allowed on the track – no exceptions.  Eye glasses do not qualify as “goggles”.

  •  5.   Make sure you have the completed paperwork for any minors that will be participating in any riding events – even as a passenger

 Our insurance requires both parents to sign any waiver for minors.  Please don’t pressure our volunteers to make an exception.  To do so could void our insurance coverage.  We simply can’t do it, unless you have sole custody of the minor.

 If you are bringing a minor and both parents are not able to attend the event, please complete the appropriate minor waiver forms.  The form for all recreational events (poker run and/or the trail ride and/or the parade) can be found here.  Since all of our recreational events fall under a “Road Rally”, the single form can serve as a release for all three events.  The form for the observed trials can be found here, and the form for the MX (whether you will be racing or just want to ride practice laps) can be found here.

Unless the forms are completed at Hodaka Days in front of an authorized club representative, any completed forms must also be witnessed and notarized to be accepted at the event.  NOTE: Even though there is no specific spot on the competition form for a notary to sign, it must also be notarized.

 In summary:

 1.    Have your AMA card with you, if you are riding trials or racing MX

2.    Have your event entry form filled out and ready to hand to the volunteer at your first recreational event.

  • 3.    Have your AMA membership and Hodaka club membership renewed ahead of time.
  • 4.    Have a full-face helmet and face shield or goggles, if you are racing MX.
  • 5.    Have the proper paperwork for any minors that will be riding
  • 6.    Have fun!

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